Who we are?

Samjhauta Nepal was registered as a national NGO under Nepal Government NGO Registration Act on December 2001. Since then it has been engaged in building different interventions of Community Education and Empowerment through Literacy, Saving, Loan, Micro enterprises, Health and Sanitation, Sexual and Reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, Democracy and Governance, Peace building and Dispute resolution, Community housing and different researches and consultancy services related to Strategy and program development in order to develop a strong relationship with Community and shift the ownership of development to them. It has an implementing network with 245 district based NGOs in 19 Terai and 3 hilly districts. 

Our Mission

Vision : “Engage in building different interventions of community education and empowerment through Women and Youth starting from Literacy, Health and Sanitation, HIV and AIDS, SRH, Peace Building and Dispute Resolution, Micro enterprise development through savings and Credit ( Village Banks) in order to develop strong relationship with and within community and shift the ownership of development to them.”


“To create opportunities for Women, Youth and children to develop the skills and resources need to achieve social, economic, civil, environmental and political justice.

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Our Major Target Interventions

    Literacy ( basic to business) , Women Economic Empowerment and livelihood

    This intervention targets illiterate and semi literate marginalized women from rural Nepal. This is an integrated approach where illiterate learns keywords of business literacy, local resource mobilization and income generation, linkage to local financial opportunities so overall upliftment of the livelihood status. This is an action oriented savings led literacy package where group members learn […]

    Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS

    Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDs is one among the most sensitive issues still in the villages of Nepal and specially among women and adolescent youth. We have targeted organizing adolescents and youths in same age group and educate them through the peer education approach about SRH so that they understand the reason behind the […]

    Democracy and Good Governance

    Most of our program target democracy and good governance and we target small group management training, gender equality and social inclusion training, good governance in the group management through its policy, public audit, advocacy, community interaction, principles of good governance and approach the local governance if it is not fair in its good governance for […]

    Peace Building and conflict Resolution

    We did several programs following Maoist insurgency in the country and most of them targeted peace building and conflict resolution. We were a continuous partner of Chemonics International and Pact International for the implementation of its Office of Transition ( OTI) funding and implemented several projects educating and mobilizing youth on peace building and conflict […]

    Community Housing

    Community Housing Program was supported by Habitat for Humanity under which we empowered more than 1000 dalits from Jhapa, Morang and Sunsari and facilitated them in the construction of low cost housing. It was a savings led approach where they got the matching fund as loan which they repaid from the enterprises which they were […]

    Water , Sanitation and Hygiene Program

    We conducted this program under the funding support from UN-Habitat for Bardiya. We coordinated with M-WASH CC, V-WASH CC, S-WASH CC and W-WASH CC to take a joint approach from the municipality to the ward level where everybody was involved in its status. We also prepared Master Triggerers during this course and they became the […]

    Gender and Development

    Gender and Development is core to all the work and we work under our Gender Equality and Social Inclusion policy to align all our work with national commitments. We are women owned and managed NGO and we have men as well under staffing. We keep women as direct audience and lots of affirmative actions are […]

    Media and Research

    Research, especially action research and the audience research is core to all the programs we do as we first learn from the audience about their latest needs and we build on the status. This audience gives us lots of information about where do we start and how do we move forward, Coordination with media is […]

Our Donors and Partners