Samjhauta Nepal was registered as a national NGO under Nepal Government NGO Registration Act on December 2001. Since then it has been engaged in building different interventions of Community Education and Empowerment through Literacy, Saving, Loan, Micro enterprises, Health and Sanitation, Sexual and Reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, Democracy and Governance, Peace building and Dispute resolution, Community housing and different researches and consultancy services related to Strategy and program development in order to develop a strong relationship with Community and shift the ownership of development to them. It has an implementing network with 245 district based NGOs in 19 Terai and 3 hilly districts. Individually and collectively, Samjhauta Nepal has built credentials and reputation in providing women with skills necessary to improve their livelihoods and strengthen their organizations/groups and their voices in local government through participatory planning and action. It was born by strategic localization of Pact International.

Vision : “Engage in building different interventions of community education and empowerment through Women and Youth starting from Literacy, Health and Sanitation, HIV and AIDS, SRH, Peace Building and Dispute Resolution, Micro enterprise development through savings and Credit ( Village Banks) in order to develop strong relationship with and within community and shift the ownership of development to them.”


“To create opportunities for Women, Youth and children to develop the skills and resources need to achieve social, economic, civil, environmental and political justice.”

Major Objectives:-

    • Link all the program initiative with the basic literacy, Group formation and Savings credit with approach of education and empowerment


    • Raise the status of women, youth and their communities by promoting Self Help group, independence and equitable distribution of resources.


    • Help communities to build on their own successes and local resources to gain ownership over their ability to enact change


    • Encourage and Advocate respect for women’s roles and responsibilities


  • Conduct research and hold workshops to contribute to innovation and best practices within the field of community empowerment and development.


  • Use of literacy skills and economic participation in learning sexual reproductive health, democracy and governance and other such issues.
  • Use of Life skill and Appreciative Inquiry approach to have positive impact on community leading to behaviour change.
  • Organizing Behaviour Change Communication and Advocacy Campaign for social change.
  • Guidance, Coaching, and Supervision to the target audience through training, workshops and orientation. 
  • Help women to work together with their communities to build their successes, local resources and gain ownership over their ability to enact change.
  • Conduct research and hold workshops to contribute to innovation and best practices within the fields of women’s empowerment and community development

Areas of expertise

  • Formation and strengthening of self-sustainable Economic Groups, Village Banks and Cooperatives at the community level owned and managed by women.
  • Building network at the local, district and the national level.
  • Curriculum development to support generate group discussion in groups and educate the illiterate and semi-literate population in relation to economic empowerment, civic education, health education, basic literacy, life skills, sexual and reproductive health, HIV and AIDS, democracy and governance and delivery of training based on Appreciative Inquiry and Life Skills theory.
  • Development of Self instructional literacy materials and other IEC/BCC materials for illiterates and neo-literates in the areas of economic empowerment, life skills, democracy and governance, sustainable livelihood promotion (farm and off farm approach), micro finance cum micro enterprise support, sexual and reproductive health, HIV and AIDS, peace building and other relevant issues.  
  • Conduct trainings on Peace Building, Gender and Social inclusion, Good Governance, Leadership Development, Organizational Development, Village Banking, Human Rights, Violence Against Women, Gender Based Violence, Life Skills, Sexual and Reproductive.
  • Development of training manual, guideline and materials for trainers. 
  • Conduct Training of Trainers to develop Master Trainers.
  • Partnership with district based organizations and build their capacity as per the requirement to implement program together as per our Implementation strategy.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the trainers in the field and support them in improving the performance.
  • Research, program planning and implementation in close participation with community as per their needs.
  • Conduct advocacy campaigns and awareness-raising programs at community, district and national level.
  • New business development relevant to the target audience.

General Information

Name of the Organization Samjhauta Nepal
Acronym (If any) SMJT
Legal status of the organization National
Contact Details Phone No- 00977-1-2051027/5539550
Fax: 00977-1-5539550
Email ID:; 
Registration Date of Registration 

Chief Administration Office, Kathmandu: 
March 26, 2003 with Registration Number- 

Affiliated with: Social Welfare Council
Kathmandu with Registration Number -14583

PADOR ID NP-2008-DGE-3005261175
DUNS NUMBER 557769533
SAMS Registration Until Feb 2015 
Permanent Account Number (PAN)  301551722
 Date started to work  From October 2001
 Date of last renewal of the registration  October 9, 2012 ( this year in progress)